Here are some of the best webcomics and resources that I can recommend:
Lazarus Jewelbox: Chama Lazarus and her friends stumble through a parallel world
Saturnalia: Renegade androids and a thick headed cop, a cyberpunk classic
Bite Me: Being dead never looked so good
Flipside: A nympho jester girl and a swordswoman kick serious butt
EveSummer Eve: Two brothers affected by hidden magic
Ghost 2138: A hilarious cyberpunk send up
Okashina Okashi: Strange Candy: Six strangers thrown into a wild otaku world
Sluggy Freelance: The comedy juggernaut
Online Comic Artists Directory: A great place to discover new comics
The Place In Between: A girl finds out a about her family's clan ties
Sea Of Insanity:The Greek Gods still plague hapless mortals, in hilarious ways - A Directory of Online Comics
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